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Walking on water

We went for a walk on the river today to celebrate the fact that it warmed up to negative single digits today. It seems that others had the same idea, because when we got to The Forks, we found it overrun.

Unrelated to today is this old picture I found of atara and Jaws. I have set myself on a mission lately to sift through some of my older pictures, looking for ones that I just uploaded to my computer and then never gave them a second look. I found this picture in an older folder of shots from 2004.

If you want to keep your baby occupied, and your dog happy, put one of them in a sled and tie the other to the front. I don't know which part of this picture I like the best; the dog taking off like it was shot from a cannon, the kid shouting for his dad who is skating along just out of sigh to the right, or the look of disbelief on the woman who is coming the other way.

After they passed, the two of them stopped to express their disbelief at how a father could do that to his child. We assured them that the kid was fine, and that it was surely something he could take up with his therapist later in life if it left any permanent emotional scars.
Tags: cats, winter
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