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As I sit here in a Starbucks, sipping a white chocolate mocha and leeching their WiFi, it occurs to me that this is exactly the kind of situations I was picturing when I bought this device.

But that is not the focus of this post.

Ever since we returned from our late-spring vacation, Belladonna has become exceptionally clingy. She has always taken to sleeping under the lamp on my computer desk, but of late she has started demanding space on my lap - something that was usually the domain of Jaws or Merry. In fact, she will crowd her way onto my lap now whether Merry is even there first or not. When I work from home, Jaws used to follow me from room to room, or camp in the back hall waiting for me to pass that way. Now Belladonna has taken up that role.

She has her ritual times when she is more clingy than usual though, and one of those times is bedtime. atara usually goes to bed before I do, and if I do not follow along soon enough after her, Belladonna will become agitated. She will plant herself between me and my computer keyboard, or just gad about in the computer room occasionally chirping to let me know that I am supposed to be in bed.

When I finally give in to her demands and begin heading back to bed, she alternately runs ahead, stopping to look if I am following or - if I am not moving fast enough - she comes back and rubs around my legs a few times to encourage me to move faster.

We were doing this ritual the other night, and as usual I stopped in the bathroom to brush my teeth and do other pre-bed activities. When I opened the door to head toward the bedroom, Belladonna was camped right outside. The moment I opened the door, she gave a chirp and dashed over to the bedroom door ahead of me. She stood up on her hind feet, chirped excitedly again and pushed the door open with her front paws, leading the way into the bedroom.

She usually hops up onto the bed ahead of me and waits for me to get settled in. Then she demands a minute or two of petting before she ups up and curls up on top of me. She spends the whole night curled up on top of me (usually on my hip or thigh, not on my head). This behaviour is new since our vacation last year. Before that, she would usually jump up on the bed for petting, then she would retire to the foot of the bed and find a clear space where she could avoid contact. If i rolled over and accidentally bumped her at any point, she would jump down and stomp out.

Now, I can roll over and she will readjust her position as needed. If she fall off of me during the night when I shift in bed she will immediately crawl back up on top of me and curl up to sleep again.

AH well, I prefer a clingy cat to an aloof one.

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