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Football - meh

I like American-style football. While I prefer some of the Canadian rules to some of the NFL rules - and vice-versa - I enjoy the game under either set of rules. Unless the game is a clown show of incompetence, I won't make a point to change the channel if there is a game playing on the television. On the other hand, the Super Bowl leaves me cold.

I have no attachment to, nor vested interest in any of the teams. I am not really into the match chest-thumping and trash talk that is all-but synonymous with the game. I get irritated by the hype. I am not really pumped for the ads, since they have declined in quality in the past few years, and any worthwhile ones will show up at the Cannes Lions festival when it comes to town later this year. The half-time show is just another load of overblown hype, IMO.

That is my baseline.

That said, I do not begrudge people who love the game and enthuse over every aspect of it. I won't jump into their conversation to express how little I care about their game. When friends or co-workers begin enthusing about the game, and discussing the odds, playing armchair quarterback and the like, I do my best to listen politely. I like football as a sport, and I like my friends, so I don't see any reason to be a wet blanket about it. The same goes for discussions on Twitter, Facebook, Livejournal or any other place where people enthuse about their passions. In short, I try not to be a jerk.

As I noticed on a couple of the social media sites I follow recently, others seem to have no such compunction. If there is something I find more irritating than Super Bowl hype, it's streams of memes and comments from people who go out of their way to tell you how little they care about it. I loved my dad to pieces (figuratively), but he fell into this crowd. He would make a point of taking pride in how little he knew or cared about some things, and he would make sure to remind you often of how little he cared.

If you don't care about football, or hockey, or world champion naked caber toss then tune it out, or filter it out. None of us care about how little you care about them. Spare us the Facebook memes, or sarcastic tweets. Better yet, just follow the advice in this cute little video.

By the way, I ♥ Youtube for still supporting sharing to Livejournal with a dedicated button. +1 for making us die-hards feel a little less marginalized.

In other news, here is an airplane.
Float Plane
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