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Slow start

We reviewed some power point slides on proper piston travel on various brake cylinders, with some side discussion on slack adjusters and brake shoe wear. It does not sound like we will have boots hitting the ground for at least another forty minutes. Of all the days this week, this is the one where we probably wanted to spend the most time outdoors. Oh well, maybe we will get in some quality yard time after lunch. We are supposed to be hooking up hoses and testing brakes today.

There was a serious eye-rolling moment on the news this morning as they were talking about the RCMP officer who was involved in killing that Polish guy at the airport in Vancouver. This officer is facing perjury charges because his account of the events does not come close to matching video of the same event. The prosecution is alleging that he colluded with the other officers involved to concoct their story. The defence claims that he could not possibly have met with, or colluded with the other officers because he has an ATM receipt showing that he was in Toronto at the time of the supposed meeting.

Well, that's an airtight defence. There is no way he could have arranged a coach to the coast after receiving a telegram advising him of the upcoming conspiracy meeting. I mean, we can only meet face-to-face when we conspire because there is no technology that lets us meet and conspire from a distance, right? I presume his defence are mounting this argument because they assume the prosecutors are stupid, or because they are genuinely still living in the 19th century and have never heard of telephones, email, instant messaging...
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