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I have managed to tick 3-4 things off my to-do list during my vacation. One of the items was to take the Subaru in for servicing, and I did that yesterday morning. What I took it in for was to get have the oil changed, a headlight changed, a general inspection, and to see if they could repair the puddle lights (they have stopped working on the passenger side). The dealer we took the car to was somewhat stumped by the last item, and we will have to make a future appointment to get those fixed. I guess there are not a lot of people who buck up for that option when they buy a car.

Naturally they found two extra things that needed attention when I took the car in. The air filter needed replacing, and apparently the battery failed a load test. It seems a little odd for the battery to be failing already on a car this old, but I am not entirely surprised after last winter.

One of the things I still need to take care of on my vacation check list is actually work-related. I have been tapped for possible strike duty in the new year, and one of the things I need to do in advance of that is take the on-line training course. I tried doing that on Monday, but the training modules were acting up. The first course refused to give me credit at the end, and the second one repeatedly crashed midway through.

I will try launching them again in Firefox when we get back from Edmonton. I just need to have them completed before I head off for mechanical training on Monday. As soon as I return from vacation, I will be heading off to the car shop for the next couple of weeks, learning how to do inspections, and how to replace brake shoes and air hoses and the like. Lovely time of year to be working outdoors.
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