the Sweet Smell of Burning Fur (plonq) wrote,
the Sweet Smell of Burning Fur

Slow day Sunday

atara wanted to go check out the dance competition finals, but I was feeling a bit subdued today after our interrupted sleep last night (I drank more than she did last night), so I bowed out and wandered back up to our room.

I won't delve into speculation about the details or motivations behind last night's incident since more accurate details are sure to come out as the police continue to investigate. I have to give kudos to both the con staff and attendees though. For such a large group of people who were alternately (and not mutually-exclusively) tired, drunk and grumpy, the evacuation was almost a textbook case of smooth organization and cooperation.

I'm really proud of my fellow furries.

If I could point to a few lessons that people might learn from last night's incident, it would be to take a jacket to a room party when it is not in your own room. There were a fair number of people out there who were thoroughly under-dressed for the conditions. I felt really bad for people who were standing out in sub-freezing temperatures in only pajamas and bare feet, or less.

Much less in some cases.

Fortunately the convention centre across the street opened up so that we could gather in comparative warmth and all be in one place for news updates.
Tags: 2014, chlorine, evacuation, mwff
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