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This coming week is US Thanksgiving. Since most of you who follow me here are from the US, I probably don't have to tell you this. I am saying it as much as a reminder to atara and I as for any other reason, though I partly blame the folks who organized MWFF this year.

Thanksgiving is always the week after MWFF. Since we knew that MWFF had been moved back a couple of weeks, we celebrated Thanksgiving last week. It was good. We had turkey and a medley of potatoes. Wine. By the time atara had the turkey in the oven, we were aware that we had got the week wrong, but we were not going to let a little thing like a wrong date ruin our holiday dinner plans.

We are going to celebrate it again this week, but in a more modest fashion. We bought some stuffed turkey breasts (filled with stuffing and cranberry sauce), and we have some "just add water" instant mashed potatoes and gravy. On the other hand, I decided that I would do up a couple of home-made pies to give it a proper feel. I had a bag of frozen mix in the downstairs freezer, and I figured that I would give my home-made butter crusts another try.

The label on the bag read, "Canadian Winter Mix x2", so I naturally assumed that it was enough mix to make two pies. I am pretty sure that was my intention when I labelled it as such, so imagine my surprised when I started dividing it between the two crusts and found out that it was just enough for a single pie. If I had actually cooked up the two pumpkins in the living room as had been my original plan today, this would not have been a serious issue. Alas, the only pumpkin I had was a brick of frozen stuff in the downstairs freezer. Since the stores were still open, I decided my best bet was to just dash down the street and grab a can of pumpkin purée.

Unfortunately, I was rushing, and all I could find was the pre-made pie mix. I brought it home, gave it a quick taste, and promptly adulterate it with a few additional spices. As I was mixing it in the bowl, I noted that it looked slightly darker than the home-made purée, but now that the pies are done, you probably would not have noticed if I had not pointed it out, eh?

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