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According to Environment Canada

Summer is assuredly as over as it can get. All told, this summer past was rather short and crappy, but it was capped by a decent autumn that had temperatures a little above normal.

This week is putting an end to that. I would not go as far as to call it a "deep freeze" because compared to the kick in our nether regions the weather usually prepares for us by mid-December, this falls more into the category of unseasonable chill.

Some time back, atara came to the conclusion that she was going to bed much too late. She attributed that to the fact that her computer is far too interesting. I can attest to the fact that there has been many occasions when she has announced her plan to retire early, only to descend down an on-line rabbit hole before finally noticing that she is suddenly on the wrong side of 23:00.

She finally got the idea of setting an alarm on her computer to signal her that it is bed time by having it play a song at 21:30 (Ernie singing "I'd Like To Visit The Moon"). She does not automatically stand up and walk out as soon as the music starts playing, but it gives us both an audio cue that we should probably start wrapping up our on-line activities for the evening.

She was not feeling well this evening, so she went to bed awhile ago, but her computer faithfully serenaded me about twenty minutes ago, so I am going to wander off as soon as I post this.

Earlier this evening I fired up an image indexer to get an idea of how many pictures I have on my computer. I stopped it by the time it had reached 70,000 because by that point I realized that it was more pictures than I had thought. These are not all photographs, mind you. I have a pretty decent collection of stuff from DA and other such sources, but it was a sobering reminder to me that I need to do some more backups to our file server.

It is also a reminder that I need to go through and start processing and posting more pictures from my collection. I only got about halfway through the pictures from our two Alaska trips, and I have barely touched the ones from our trip to the coast at the start of the summer.

This is one of the pictures from that selfsame trip. I don't know if it was a quirk of the lighting, but the original photo had a curious vignette effect, looking almost like it had been shot by one of those Lomo cameras that were so trendy a couple of years ago. Other than doing a slight ageing effect on it, and adding a bit of grain, I left it largely untouched in processing.
I'm not sure what was up with my camera when it took this one.
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