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I got my initial DNA results back from "23 And Me". One interesting item of note is that atara has more Neanderthal in her than I do. Also, the ancestors on my paternal side apparently came from Atlantis (or Doggerland if you want to get technical). I was not surprised to find out that both sides of my lineage come from heavily western European stock.

On another note...

I am on the primary support desk at work again for the next week, starting yesterday. Up until yesterday, it was a 7-day stint of early hours (starting work at 4:00 Calgary time), but effective yesterday, it switched over to being purely "on call". The reason for this is that we just threw the switch on a new report procedure that automates a lot of the manual processes that we were monitoring on the support desk.

Just to ensure I would not miss the early shift, I got a call shortly after 4:00 Calgary time to advise me that one of our automated jobs was running long. I stumbled out to the computer room, and by the time I had remote-connected into our work system, the job had completed. Once I was on-line, I decided that I might as well stick around to continue monitoring things. I should have stayed in stealth mode, because as soon as they noticed I was logged in, I started getting hounded by project leads and directors for updates. I guess I can't blame them since today marked the roll-out of our new baby.

I did not tell them that I was only on because I had been dragged out of bed by a pointless support call - it won't hurt them to believe that I was being conscientious.

I managed to crawl back into bed for another hour or so of sleep later in the morning, but I was still pretty energetically-challenged by the time I rolled out of bed again. My initial plans had been to make something interesting for breakfast or brunch, but by time time we got ourselves into gear, breakfast and lunch had passed us by and we decided to hit up one of our regular haunts for an early dinner.

We took a corner booth in the restaurant, where the afternoon sun was beating down through a sun shade almost directly into my eyes. I found it irritating until the waiter brought us some water and this happened. The sunshade was one of those mesh ones that many restaurants have, where you can sometimes see interesting moire patterns in the shade if you stare directly at the sun through it.

I ignore the water at first until I caught motion out of the corner of my eye. I noticed that the combination of sunshade and water created quite a striking, layered rainbow on the table that was pulsing in time with the Bollywood music that the restaurant was piping into the dining lounge.
I felt that it was worthy of a picture. If you look close, you can see the distortion of the ripples in the water. I wish I had recorded a short clip of it.

One of the reasons why this restaurant has fallen into our regular rotation is because they offer these reasonably-priced platters on their menu. Depending on the platter, they are priced at $9 to $11, and include appetizers, chutneys, a main course, a main side, and a dessert.

atara got the butter chicken, and I fell back on the familiar dosa platter.

Pictured here, starting with the drink on the left is a savoury, salt & pepper lassi. Going clockwise around the tray, starting on the left is a stuffed dosa, rice pudding, vadha (think of it as a savoury doughnut), a coconut chutney, a tomato chutney, idli (spongy bread) and yoghurt. The best part of it IMO is the bowl of sambhar (lentil soup) in the middle. There are better Indian restaurants in town, but these little meals are a good feed for the price.
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