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What's wrong, girl? Is Timmy down the well?

I was washing dishes when Belladonna came bustling very purposefully through the kitchen and stopped at the top of the basement steps where she froze and stared intently down into the basement. I paused and watched as she cocked her head as if listening to something in the basement, and then began slowly creeping down the stairs. Curious, I wandered over to the top of the stairs and watched her slowly creep to the bottom, eyes fixed toward the dark depths of the basement to her right. She stopped at the bottom and hunkered there, staring intently into the darkness.

"Is there something down there, girl?" I asked from the top of the stairs. She glanced up at me, and then quickly turned her attention to the darkness again. My curiosity was piqued even more, so I slung the dish towel over my shoulder, turned on the basement light and tromped down the stairs to see what she was so focused on. As soon as I started down the stairs, she darted off into the nether reaches of the basement.

I followed her into the murk, and she dashed on ahead, tail in the air until the reached the door into our storage/server room. She waited for me outside the door, prancing in circles with her tail in the air and chirping when I got there. Ah. So she wanted into the forbidden room. She knows she's not allowed in there, but she is ever hopeful that I will open the door and then have a lapse of attention. There is lots of interesting stuff to climb over and explore in there.

I can't help but wonder if her caginess was just her way of luring me down there to try and convince me to let her into that room. She has pulled this kind of thing before when she wanted me to come down and clean her litter box. She is a frighteningly smart for a cat.
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