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Eh, this ain't going to happen.

I was going to walk into town to meet atara after work. With all the long days I have been putting in for the past week, I was itching to get outside and enjoy some wind and sunshine.

I got about four blocks into town and went, "Eh, this just ain't going to happen."

Moreso than wind and sunshine right now, what I think I need is sleep. I am mentally and physically exhausted. Fortunately my boss took notice of that, and ordered me to quit work midway through the day today, and to take Monday off as well. It's not that he was being entirely altruistic - they owe me time for all the extra hours I put in - but he knew that I would probably not have taken it unless pushed because of all the project work that needs to be done.

The fall colours are starting to come out, though today's weather feels anything but fall-like. It's 30C out there just now (36C with the humidity). That was also part of what promoted me to not walk into town. I got four blocks and was soaked through with sweat.
Fall colours
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