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A life of breathless excitement

Our wild and exciting weekend came to a slow close last night with our ritual feeding of the cats before heading off to bed.

In an effort to distance ourselves slightly from the rut that our lives have become, we decided to drive down to Fargo and spend the night at our favourite motel down there. It is within walking distance of a very nice Mexican restaurant, and a very short drive from a decent mid-sized mall.

As if that does not already sound like too much excitement for two people to survive in one weekend, we also bought a knife block, a pasta drying rack, and a whole cooler full of fake meat.

Snide commentary aside, Fargo is actually not a bad little town. There is not a lot to do there, but that was what we needed this weekend. For us, the mere act of getting out of town was sufficient catharsis.

We did a bit of hiking on Sunday, first in an a quiet park that we found just off the city centre, then along the river at a park we discovered on a previous visit. This shot is from the latter park.

When I say that it was just a weekend to get out of town and do nothing, I mean that a decent chunk of it looked a lot like this:
If nothing else, having cable TV in the hotel serves as a reminder for how little I actually miss cable television - or, more precisely, the ridiculous amount of advertising on it. I have to admit that I am amused by the amount of pharmaceuticals that are being plugged though. "Here is a drug to help your XXX, and here is a short list of benefits, and a long list of horrible side-effects that are worse than what it treats. Ask your Doctor if you have too much money."

I was fascinated by this little Gazebo (or bandstand, more likely) that we passed on one of our walks. It looked like something lifted right out of the 30s. It had very interesting acoustics too when one stood right in the centre.

This picture pretty much encapsulates the whole 4 1/2 hour drive from Winnipeg to Fargo. The country is ruggedly pretty in its own way, especially when the clouds come out to play, but it lacks a bit in variety. I am impressed with how this shot came out, since I shot it through a closed window at 75mph on an interstate. That's the beauty of shooting in full-manual.
North Dakota

On another note, I keep hearing about the health benefits (both physical and mental) of meditation, and against my better judgement, I have started toying with the idea of giving it a try.

Any Zen master out there who have some hints or pointers for a beginner? Mostly I am looking to it as a means to melt away some stress, and to improve my ability to concentrate on my work without getting pulled in all directions. Focus has become a serious problem for me of late. Well, not of late, but especially of late.
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