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Eggs over rice

Oh, hey, here's another post about food - though that should come as a surprise to nobody. My physique makes it fairly clear that I like to eat.

There was a short-lived restaurant in our town that specialized in a slightly healthier fare, usually locally-sourced. One of their breakfast dishes was a simple concoction of a fried egg served over quinoa and brown rice (or some combination like that). I liked it. We dined out for breakfast yesterday, and as we tossed around ideas for where we would go, I found myself lamenting the loss of this elegant, but simple dish as a breakfast option.

I mulled over it when we were shopping, and I decided to try making my own variant on it for breakfast this morning. I grabbed a couple of things that I would need and tossed around ideas for a recipe. Rather than quinoa, I decided that I would just go with brown rice. That was the plan, but when we scoured our supplies this morning we discovered that we were down to our last few grains of brown rice. Half the fun of cooking is improvising, so I made do.

I wanted to make a full cup of rice, but we had less than 1/2 cup of brown, so I supplemented that with some basmati rice, and added a half cup of wild rice to the mix. While that cooked down in some vegetable bouillon, I diced half of a Walla Walla onion and slowly sauteed it in olive oil. When the onions were nearly done, I wilted a couple handfuls of spinach with them and set the mixture aside.

I wiped down the pan, drizzled in a bit more olive oil and cracked in four eggs, which I cooked covered over low heat. When the eggs were nearly done, I garnished them with a pinch of sweet paprika. I tossed the rice and spinach together and split it between two bowls, topped them with a pair of eggs, and finished it with some fresh-chopped chives from my herb garden.

The yolks were slightly more solid than I'd have liked, but we were both quite pleased with the results.
Eggs over Rice
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