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Between the mediocre weather, vacations, and having the siding people working on our house for a couple of weeks, we did not get a lot of grilling or smoking done so far this summer.

We have started to catch up on grilling again, but this weekend was our first time digging out the smoker since last fall. We picked up some baby back ribs from one of the local farmers at the market last weekend, and we decided to do them up with a dry rub and a few hours of maple wood smoke. I decided to snap a picture of them as I was finishing them on the grill with a light brushing of roasted garlic barbecue sauce.
Smoked Baby Back Ribs

I also grilled up a small batch of patty pan squash to go with them. I had never heard of these before I was married, but now they are one of my favourite things to toss into the wok on the grill. We just toss them with a bit of oil and put them straight into the wok. They bring enough of their own flavour that we have never needed to add anything else, other than a little dash of salt at serving time.

I also threw a couple of sugar pumpkins in with the ribs toward the end of the smoking. I had only meant to leave them in for about 30 minutes, but I got side-tracked with installing the new light over our front porch, and they ended up spending closer to an hour in the smoker. They smell fine, but pumpkins are like sponges for smoke, so I fear the result might be a bit too bitter to use. I cut them up and threw them in the steamer to finish the cooking, hoping that the reintroduction of some moisture might help to offset the smoke a bit.

I guess the proof will be in the pie.
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