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Early shift

I am not a morning person, but I don't mind working the early shift. I am currently on the 0500-1400 shift again because the person who was supposed to be on the shift has another project that is taking up all of his time, and he asked if I would be willing to cover for him.

Back when atara was working at that horrid call centre, she volunteered to work the early shift (0600-1400 if I remember right). Since we commuted in together, that meant that she was volunteering me as well. I was OK with that, not because I enjoy getting up at the crack of dawn, but because I like getting off work early in the afternoon. It is amazing how much of you can still accomplish with your day when you are off work early in the afternoon. Other benefits of the shift were that we avoided both the morning and afternoon rush hours in our drive.

On the other hand, this support shift is a mixed bag. On the plus side, it gives me an excuse to work from home. This means that I get to drink good coffee, and the decision about whether or not to wear pants while I work is a valid consideration (I usually wear them). While I initially hated this support shift because I was inadequately trained, it was poorly documented, and our systems were hellishly unstable, those are not a significant problem any more. I think my biggest complaints are that it is a 7-day stint without break (normally following on the heels of a 7-day, 24/7 on-call shift), and that project managers and their ilk do not understand the concept of shift work. I have people constantly trying to schedule critical meetings with me at 17:00 my time, just assuming that I am working the same shift as they do at the head office.

Ah well - two more days of this and then I am into a the long weekend. All of the systems I was monitoring this morning worked well, so in about ten minutes I will send my final status update and wander off in a sacred quest for more coffee.
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