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Eating Zen

As if feeding the cats was not already time consuming enough, now they are on different diets. Jaws is having issues with her aged kidneys, and we have put her on a low protein diet to which we have to add a couple of different supplements. Naturally she prefers the food that the other cats are getting.

While atara has taken on the bulk of the cat feeding duties, I will occasionally dish out their food if I happen to be in the kitchen at feeding time, or if she specifically asks me to handle it. I admit that I am avoiding the duty a bit because it has gone from a task that used to take seconds to a minute or two, to a task that takes 5+ minutes twice a day.

I am not sure why I avoid it, other than convincing myself that sitting behind my keyboard is somehow time better spent. The feeding ritual actually provides a nice counterbalance to the rest of my day. It is a simple task, with predefined steps, and a known end result. Being the intense focus of three hungry cats through the whole process also adds a certain degree of empowerment to it.

It also has nothing at all to do with Zen - I just felt like throwing that word randomly in my subject line.
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