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Guardians of The Galaxy

We went and took it in at the Imax this evening - in 3D no less. We seldom do 3D movies, in part because atara finds them somewhat migraine-inducing, and in part because neither of us are especially convinced that the 3D adds a lot to the movie experience. I felt that way this evening - especially during some of the busier space-battle scenes where there were a lot of small objects darting all over the place. I found that the 3D was more of a blurry distraction than anything else.

On the other hand, the show itself was glorious. I can see why there might be more than a few people harbouring a crush on Rocket - he was definitely a charming little fellow. I was a little worried going in that he might end up just being a gag magnet, but I thought they did a good job fleshing out all of the heroes in the show. They gave them a good feel of damaged individuals coming together as a family without stepping over the bounds into being sappy.

If I have been a little quiet on her of late, it is because the past couple of weeks have been moderately hellish for me. Things were bad enough at work last week that on Friday morning, atara was giving me a pep talk that included lines like, "The house is paid for. We could survive on my salary." I think she is concerned that the job might literally kill me.

What has not helped is that since we returned from vacation, I have been either on call, or on the early shift. I have been starting work at 4:45 every day for the past seven days, and putting in 10-15 hour days for most of the week. I might have been fine with that in my 20s, but I turn 51 tomorrow, and this kind of thing wears on one a bit after a while.

One thing that really really did not help was when my boss approached two of us about two and a half weeks ago to ask if we were interested in learning to use a new product. It is an interesting application that uses compression to load all of its data into memory and then allow real time dashboards. The following day we had a four-way call with our boss and one of the IT directors, who waxed poetic about the product and assured us that a trained monkey could use it.

Then the last thing on Friday,this directoir told us to download the product, watch a couple of self-teach videos on it, and then deliver high-profile product the following week. When we baulked slightly at this, suggesting that it was unfair to expect us to learn a brand new product and then deliver a project in four working days that another team had been struggling with for weeks already, he essentially threw us under a bus. Our boss cut us in on the discussion this guy had with our VP, where he suggested that maybe we "are not the right people with the skill set that we need going forward."

We later learned that this director who claimed to have picked up over the course of the prior few days had actually had formal training with it, and been using it extensively with his former employer. Duplicitous, backstabbing piece of shit. If this guy is an example of the kind of managers we are bringing in, my retirement date can't come soon enough.

Ah well, if I can just hold out for another four years, I will have enough combined years and age to get out of there with a full pension.
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