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Work is kicking my ass

But I guess I should be happy to have a job, right? I came very close to quitting on Friday.

I took this shot last weekend, and it has been sitting here in my LJ queue waiting for me to have the time and energy to actually write about them.
In retrospect, a small pat of butter on top would probably have made these more photogenic. I don't know why little squares of fatty animal extract add to the apparently tastiness of a dish, but who am I to argue with food photographers everywhere.

Speaking of photographs, the siding people are essentially done. Other than a few minor touch-ups here and there, and a final inspection, I think it is safe to call the work done. Here are a couple of side-by-side shots for comparison. The first is a picture I took to show off the new fence we had installed a couple of years back.
Old SidingNew Siding

While I did not hate the institutional green as much as atara seemed to hate it, I am glad to be rid of it. The vinyl was warping in places, and it had a nasty habit of pulling away from the foundation in some spots. The wood siding should not warp, nor peel away any time soon. We have ordered replacement awnings for the front, but we are going to skip the ones on the west (left) side of the house.

We actually debated over the awnings after they removed them for the siding because we are enjoying how much brighter it is in the house, but we decided that we should have them on the front at least for aesthetic reasons. Try to picture the house with white awnings (but I will post more pictures once they are installed. They have a 12-week backlog of work, so we probably will not have them in place much before Halloween).
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