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Adventures in Jaws

Jaws is over 19 now, which is pretty old for a cat. She is - to quote atara - definitely winding down. She has no lack of appetite, but she has slowly been losing weight over the past couple of years, and she has been drinking and urinating more than a normal cat should.

We bundled her up and took her to the vet yesterday to find out her prognosis, and the results came back about as we had expected. She is in pretty good shape overall, but her kidneys are wearing out. She had a bladder infection (partly as a result of the kidneys) as well. The vet gave her a couple of antibiotics, put her on a strict low-protein diet and sent us home with supplements to help boost her kidney function.

The trip was as traumatic as you might expect for an old, deaf cat and she is still hiding out in the basement this morning. She came up briefly at breakfast time, but had a difference of opinion with Merry (apparently in her short absence both cats forgot that the other existed) and she retired downstairs again.

The one big surprise from the vet's trip was that he found some buckshot embedded in her flank. She was a stray before atara adopted her, so we think she was probably the victim of some kid with a BB gun. Apparently the buckshot has not especially bothered her over the years, so there is no point in getting it removed now.

They have started putting put up the new siding on our house, and it is a little darker in person than it looked in the pictures. It's not quite black, but it is about as dark a shade of blue as you can get without being black. I think it will look OK when it is done - especially with the white trim and greyish base. We started second guessing the awnings when we saw how bright it is in the house with them gone, but I think we will especially need the white awnings to off-set the house a bit.

On another weird front, I had numbers running through my head this morning as I was coming in to work. I work with numbers all day, so that is not unusual, but in this case it was phone numbers. I was recalling phone numbers from my past, and trying to remember whose numbers they were. Most I can trace back to friends, families, workplaces and the like, but there are a few mystery numbers that I know like the back of my hand.

For instance the number 992-9690 rolls off the tongue with practised ease, but for the life of me I have no idea whose number it is/was. It strikes me that I suffer the opposite problem of many people. There are those out there who cannot remember phone numbers; I remember the numbers, even when I have long forgotten what they were for.
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