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Springtime for Hitler!

We took in the Broadway adaptation of The Producers up at Rainbow Stage last night. To date, I had only ever seen the Mel Brooks version of the movie, so I was curious to see how closely it followed the story. It stayed true to the overall story for the most part, but my suspicions were confirmed when I checked later and found that it was actually based on the 2005 release of them motion picture, and not the original Mel Brooks version.

I thought the original version did a better job describing the workings of their scam, but overall I was OK with the changes and additional characters added in the second movie/stage play. The biggest difference between the two versions was that the newer one has a much more upbeat, Hollywood ending to it. The scoundrels in the original version did not achieve redemption at the end like they did in the stage version.

The stage play was a bit more crude and tasteless in places than the original, though I think the original would have been considered even more so for its time. Then again, when a play centres around the production of a homoerotic musical called Springtime for Hitler, one reasonably expects it to be tasteless.

In any event, it was full of catchy numbers, wonderfully tastelessness, and funny as heck. It was well worth the price of admission.

I took a picture of my strawberry muffin this morning after I got to work if only to capture the first time I have managed to get a muffin all the way here without destroying it in my backpack. I felt that this was a rare enough occurrence to warrant a photo document of the event.
Strawberry Muffin

I also wanted to show the new paper wraps they are putting on their muffins at Tim's. Unlike their old wraps, these ones peel away clean without taking half of the muffin with them when they go. If they can improve their muffin wraps so much, why can't they likewise redesign their coffee lids to not leak like an incontinent alcoholic well into a weekend bender (sloshing and dribbling with every step)?
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