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Husky days of summer

I have heard the expression "dog days of summer", but with our weather the past couple of days, I think this weather is more appropriate to sled dogs. We had a destructive cold font move in on Saturday, and yesterday's daytime high tied the lowest on record for that date. This morning we woke to brisk winds and single-digit temperatures.

The expertise that has kept me employed in my current position harks back to my extensive business knowledge, and my ability to translate business requests into useful reports. When my reporting group got pulled back into IT, the first thing they decided was that we were spending too much time doing reporting and problem solving for the business, so they put a moratorium on that work and assigned us all to projects.

I am currently on two different projects. On the first project, they assigned me the task of establishing reporting standards and procedures for the new scorecard - something way outside of my usual realm of expertise. I sent something half-assed off to my boss last week and am waiting to hear back from him.

In the other one (which, thankfully, is currently winding down) they sent me off to do target-mapping of data. I don't have the proper tools for that, so what I ended up doing was looking at existing data names in a current report and trying to cross-match them against schemas in MS Access.

During one of our daily conference calls, the project manager and developer were puzzling over some duplication of cars on the report. I tried without success to get the car number from them a few times before I finally managed to snag it from a screen they were sharing in IM. I quickly ran an independent query of my own and immediately spotted the problem.

They were puzzling over why they had a duplicate report for the car, each showing at a the same location with a different time, and in a different time zone. I finally managed to get them to listen to me by all-but yelling into the phone.

"Now listen up - the second event is invalid. The first was the valid event that we need to keep, the second was reported improperly. The station where the events took place is at a time zone boundary. When the first - proper - event was reported, the car was moving eastbound, so the event was reported in eastern time. The second - improper - event was reported as a westbound move, so it was reported in central time. That's the way it works at the boundary stations. The second event was misreported, and is wrong. Ignore the second event. Keep the first event."

They considered what I said, then went right back to puzzling over the events as if I had never spoken, so I just muted my phone and browsed Reddit while they worked. Eventually somebody from Operations showed up at their meeting room, and they showed him what was happening on the report they were designing for him.

He said, "The second event is wrong; this why the business rules we gave you told you to keep the *first* event in cases like this."

Well, what do I know? I'm just the guy with 27 years of business knowledge.

Even when I took this shot, I detected a bit of shutter lag and I feared it would be blurry.

It was. I ran a couple of passes of sharpening over it, which ultimately gave it a somewhat surreal look. I liked the feel of the picture, if not the actual look, so I decided to push the processing a couple of steps further to give it a "captured by a security camera" appearance. IMO that works better with the slightly off-focus, over-processed effects in the shot.
Pigeon Shot
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