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Eaten alive

Camping was about as miserable as I expected, but it was fun. I was just happy to get home again so that I could shower and sleep in a proper bed. And also not get bled dry by mosquitoes and other bitey things. Still, as bad as the mosquitoes were up at the lake, I was not prepared for the black cloud that rose from our front lawn when I went out to refill the birdbath on Sunday evening.

Fortunately they sprayed our street last night, so the bugs may almost be bearable today.

Few things stir one into immediate action like the drone of an approaching Malathion truck that you were not expecting when you have every window in the house ajar, with fans propped in most of them. I will never forget the first time one of the mosquito trucks drove past my house at 3:00 in the morning. I was awakened out of a deep sleep by yellow lights blinking through the window and a loud, alien-sounding whine outside. It was surreal.

I shot a few dozen pictures on our camping trip. Most of them were people shots, but I grabbed my camera for the (very brief) fireworks show on Saturday night. I had little warning that fireworks were going to happen, but I ran to the car to fetch my camera, and by the time I got back to the camp fire they were already lighting the first of them.
I did not have time to play with settings. I just remove the lens cap and snapped a picture, hoping that the auto-ISO setting would be enough to compensate for my other settings. Not only did I managed to capture the first burst (my only picture of them that turned out), but I also happened to catch the lightning out over the lake in the same shot. It is not the most awesome picture of fireworks or lightning I have ever seen, but it was cool to catch them both at once.

Alas, I was standing too near the fire when I took the picture, so the bottom is infused with a faint reddish glow.
Tags: fireworks, lightning, malathion, thunder
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