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Stormy weather

The yard was still muddy as hell last night, but it had dried enough that I tackled the long grass with the mower. The poor old mower struggled with the length and wetness of the grass, and in the end it did more bludgeoning than cutting, but the lawn looks better than it did before I started.

If the grass and weeds have been liking the wet weather, the mosquitoes have been loving it. I don't know who our current city entomologist is, but I find it hard to believe that the mosquito traps are not capturing enough of them to warrant spraying yet. When I try to describe the clouds of them that rose up from the lawn and garden while we worked, I keep resorting to words like epic and Biblical. I had the foresight to wear long sleeves when I went outside, but poor atara had so much blood on her that it looked like she had been whacking moles instead of weeds.

If I ever become a god and take it into my omnipotent head to visit a plague of morale-crushing, blood-sucking vermin upon a hapless nation, I think yesterday's yard work will provide me with a good baseline. "Something just short of that because I am not a cruel and merciless god."

The storms we drove through on our way home on the weekend are still wreaking havoc with the areas west of us. Brandon is looking at potential floods even worse than the record one in 2011 as the overland flooding spills into the Assiniboine. The Red is back to running at spring-thaw levels as well, and the province has even had to open the floodway again.

Then again, at least it isn't a hurricane.

I've been banging my head against an on-again, off-again annoyance a the office this week. On Monday, the PM on a project I am working assigned me a bunch of target mapping to work on this week. I needed more information for it, so I contacted the manager in charge of the reports to get me more details. She finally sent me a short note at the very end of day on Wednesday with a small handful of the things that I needed. When I called her on Thursday morning for clarification, she hesitated and then suggested that I should hold off on further tracing because reasons.

I sent an email to the PM about those reasons, and asked him if there was any benefit to me doing this annoying, time-consuming target mapping in light of what I had learned, and at our meeting later in the morning he said, "I will get back to you."

He didn't.

At today's meeting, he again mentioned nothing about it, so I am just going forward with the work under the assumption it will still be needed. I am billing my time to the project, and if they want to pay me for pointless data mapping, I will go ahead and do that.

We arrived home to a voice mail from the computer shop where we dropped off atara's faulty water pump. They tested it and confirmed that it is not working. It makes noise, but is not cooling anything. They tried to RMA it, but learned that the product has since been discontinued. Since it was still in its warranty period, they credited us its full value and we put that toward a replacement cooler.

Their tech and the salesman handling our case had a difference of opinion over whether fan or fluid was the way to go, but we went with the salesman's advice and stuck with liquid cooling. If owning cats has taught me one thing, it's that CPU fans love cat hair. Unless we grab steaks on the way home and she puts me to work on the grill, I will probably slap the new cooler into atara's system while she works on dinner.
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