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Sushi fail

I guess it speaks for how well things are going for us in general when my biggest complaint right now is about the fact that the sushi restaurant where we had dinner was a little misleading with their advertising.

We went there because they had been offering a reasonably-priced Canada Day platter. They had it plastered up on the door when we arrived (inside and out), with a picture and a repeat of the price. When we were seated, we ordered our drinks, soup, an appetizer, and the platter for the two of us. As soon as we asked for it, the waitress said, "Oh, that is for takeout only!"

We probably should have put up more of a fight, but we are too polite for that, and we both wanted sushi. We ordered many of the things that had been in the special, but the final price was at least a third again what it had been advertised for the platter. As we were leaving, I noticed a singe copy of the flyer for the special next to the till, and somebody had written "takeout only!!!" in yellow highlighter next to the price. I did the passive-aggressive thing and stiffed them on the tip as I was paying.

We found a fledgling crow in our yard on our way out shopping this morning. Its parents were not around (though they finally showed up later in the day), so it was hopping around the yard, testing its wings and flying for almost a meter at a time.
Baby Crow
I snapped this shot of it while it was perched on the edge of our birdbath, assessing its situation (and perhaps catching a breather or a bath). You might notice a variety of leaves floating in the water - part of the aftermath of the recent winds we have been experiencing here (not seen in this shot are branches and entire trees snapped off). I think there is a decent chance this guy was blown from his nest before he was ready to leave.
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