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Tea for two

I was trying for something whimsical with this picture, but I don't think that it is quite there.

This is one of the shots that I took at Abkhazi Garden in Victoria, and I think that I will probably end up posting a few pictures from there. The garden was planted and tended by Prince and Princess Abkhazi for about 40 years, and their efforts really show. Astonishingly, if The Land Conservancy had not stepped in and purchased the property, it was slated to be dug under and covered with town houses.

Tomorrow is going to suck at work. It might not, but given what I have been seeing building up in my in-box while I was away, I cannot see how it will not suck. At the moment, it looks like my best option is to start drinking right now and hope that it carries me through until Tuesday.

I mentioned in my post yesterday that it rained on us almost all the way from Regina to Brandon. It's a good thing we got in ahead of that rain, because today the airport and Trans Canada highways are both under water in the Brandon area. It was pretty wet in Winnipeg today, but mostly it was very very windy. When we wandered out to grab lunch and do some shopping, there were branches down everywhere. The winds picked up even more after we got home, so I am curious to see the state of the streets in the morning.
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