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Homeward Bound - the long dark road of the soul

Among the things that are not concerns for me when I am working back home are the danger of flower petals falling on my keyboard, or aggressive vines vying for space on the table. Something else that could have pushed this a couple of more notches toward perfect would be a glass of wine beside the computer, and a newer, faster computer. No offence, laptop, you have been a workhorse and a tank since I got you in 2005, but you are definitely showing your age.
Unforeseen Danger

I bought his and hers computers back in 2005 when we still got a corporate discount for buying Dell products. The Inspiron 6400 got pretty good reviews, so I ordered a pair of identical units (with different colour schemes to tell them apart) and a couple of other accessories. Since then, I doubled the memory in mine to its max 2GB, and replaced XP with Vista when it came out.

Yes, I installed Vista by choice. I knew it had a bad (undeservedly so, I have found) reputation, but I was still the go-to guy in my office for support at the time, and I wanted to learn my way around it before others bought systems using it and started whining for help. It has actually been a solid performer. It struggled a bit in the early going until I installed a second gigabyte of memory, but after that I have no complaints.

After breakfast yesterday, we spoke with Fernando and let him know that we would not be there for this morning's 8:00 seating. We explained that we had to be out the door by 6:30 in order to catch the 8:00 sailing. When I told him what time we planned to leave, he gushed, "Oh, how uncivilized!" Shortly after we retired to our room to start getting ready for our day, he knocked politely at the door and informed us that he would be making some bagged breakfast for us to take on the road in the morning. He instructed us to fetch them from the small refrigerator just inside the kitchen door as we were on our way out in the morning.

He packed us each a drink box, banana, soft boiled egg, one of his delicious home-made scones with butter and orange marmalade, some yoghurt, and a little caramel-fudge candy. As we sat in the ferry terminal enjoying the snack, our morning felt slightly less uncivilized. It was very thoughtful, and one of those little touches that entices us to keep coming back to Albion Manor when we stay in Victoria.

I was a little concerned about making the 8:00 ferry in spite of our early start, since it is the Friday of a long(ish) weekend. Technically it is not a long weekend, but I suspect a fair number of people will be taking the Monday off work to get a 4-day weekend out of it. If I had been smart, I would have done that to buy myself a bit of extra time to unwind after out trip.

We awoke to rain this morning - or to wet roads after a rain. If it has already moved through, that means that we will probably be driving through it as we head east into the mountains. Yay. Nothing makes a trip go faster like poor visibility and wet, slippery roads. It is a long haul to Calgary. Wish us luck.
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