the Sweet Smell of Burning Fur (plonq) wrote,
the Sweet Smell of Burning Fur

Last day

Today is our last day of what I would consider vacation before we hit the road for two long, ugly days of driving. All I ask for is no major accidents along the way (we got delayed twice by ugly fatalities on our last drive home from the coast), and good weather. Rain makes the drive eversomuch longer.

We advised Fernando this morning that we would not be around for the 0800 breakfast seating tomorrow because we had to hit the road early. He appreciated the notice, since it would have just been wasted food if we had not shown up - and given the fancy service, it would have been a fair bit of wasted effort. He stopped by our room shortly after breakfast and said that he would prepare a bagged meal for us to take on the road and leave it in the fridge for us in the morning. These are the little touches we love about this place, and one of the reasons we love staying here when we are out in Victoria.

I spoke with our cat sitter briefly this morning via our IM client at work, and he told me that the cats are all doing well. We were a little worried about Jaws, but he said she is always the first one to show up for meals, and then she does a tour of all the dishes, eating her fill while the other cats try to decide if it is safe to come out and eat or not, then demanding attention when she is done.

At work, I forgot to run a report for our Accounting office before I left, and great drama unfolded as soon as I hit the road with lots of passive-aggressive messages flying about. I tried running them while I was in Calgary, and they failed miserably. I passed the task off to a co-worker, and he ran into the same problem. He has been working with the database architects to try and get the problem resolved, and this morning he finally got the reports to run. Now I need to perform all of the secondary tasks involved in converting the reports into a usable spreadsheet for our needy accountants. Oy.

Fortunately I managed to remote into my desktop in Winnipeg this morning. I have been trying all week, but the connection was failing. Another 30 minutes should have me off the hotseat for another couple of months before I have to run these awful reports again.
Tags: vacation, victoria
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