the Sweet Smell of Burning Fur (plonq) wrote,
the Sweet Smell of Burning Fur

Victoria Victoria

After several false starts I finally managed to remote into my work desktop and almost wished that I had not. Things virtually fell apart the moment I walked out the door on vacation, and checking in brought back all the stress and annoyance I had been feeling before I managed to escape on vacation.

Then I remotely rebooted both of my desktops and things got better. It is always a nail-biting experience to remotely reboot a machine like that, but when they came back up, they were behaving in a much more civilized manner. As I read through the wall of hopelessness and despair in my in-box, it occurred to me that I picked a good couple of weeks to be away, and suddenly I felt much less stressed and more relaxed again.

We are going to hook up with my mom today and do some stuff around town. She wants to take in a public market where they have an olive oil and vinegar tasting shop, then atara insists on taking in the Provincial Museum where they recently opened a Viking display. She's into Vikings. Actually, Vikings are kinda cool so I'm interested to see it as well.

I lugged my cameras around with me all day yesterday and managed to only take a single picture at the ferry terminal before the battery in the small camera died. I will lug them around today and see if i can manage two pictures perhaps.
Tags: vacation, victoria
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