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Today's itinerary was one of those ones that could just as well have been decided by throwing a dart at a wall map of the area. After some debate, we settled on driving west to Roger's pass to check out some of the hiking and sights around there. To date, my experience with Roger's Pass has been to drive through it at the maximum speed allowed by law, so I was understandably surprised to find out that there are actually things to see and do there.

Alas, there was not as much to see or do as we might have hoped because what was not closed due to slides or bears, was not yet open for the season. We took a short board-walk trail through a cedar grove (where I took the shot below) and then we headed on to Revelstoke for lunch. We wandered around the town centre for a few minutes scoping out a dining place before settling on a German/Indian fusion restaurant that smelled very good. I ordered the butter chicken spätzle, which was as quirky and delicious as it sounded. The outfit appeared to be run by a couple (not sure if husband/wife, or just partners). He did the German cooking, and she took care of the Indian cooking. She made me a salt & pepper lassi to order (they did not include it on the menu) and added nice hint of coriander to it.

I did not bring my tripod on the trip, but I did not let that stop me from slapping the 35mm lens on my camera and attaching a neutral density filter. I do not get a lot of opportunity to play with those filters.

The nature trail we took today was entirely a raised boardwalk. After slogging through 3+ miles of mud and tree roots on the first day, it was a welcome break in some respects. While we were stopped, taking pictures of the stream above, a group of about half a dozen came marching past us as if they were on a mission. We probably would not have paid them any attention at all if one of them had not had a Go Pro mounted on a stick, held aloft so that he could mug at it and document every step he took.

I have seen fursuiters doing this in the parade at MFF, and it has always struck me as being near the height of self-absorption. I can kind of understand why a suiter might do it - especially if it is a suit that they have made themselves. I would want to see my suit in action as well. For a "hiker" who is walking a notably unchallenging wooden board-walk, I just don't see any reason for it other than shameless vanity. I suppose he might have been a Vlogger, who was planning to dub over it later.

"As promised, here I am communing with nature along with several people who I shall refer to as real life friends."
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