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Wearing the pants in this household

I had a surreal moment this morning as I emerged from the shower.

After our hiking yesterday, we all returned to the cabin to find our pants cuffs spattered with a thick coat of mud. Since I only have a limited number of pants to change into on this trip, I decided to wash the cuffs in the sink this morning and don a fresh pair of jeans after my shower.

Everything in the plan was working smashingly until I went to put on the jeans after my shower. I struggled to pull them up past my butt, and after a couple of false starts, I managed to button and zip them up. "Jeeze," I thought, "Did I really pork out this much in advance of our trip? I thought I was doing pretty well in the weight department."

As soon as I emerged from the bathroom, all of my in-laws chimed up. "atara wants you to take off her jeans."

Ah. That would explain the snug fit.

I am rather impressed that I managed to fit into them at all. In past, when I have accidentally grabbed a pair of her pants, it was a non-starter as to whether I could squeeze into them. Today, not only did I managed to fit into them, but I emerged from the bathroom thinking, "These pants are tighter than I remember, I suppose i can probably go hiking in them. I'm sure they will loosen up a bit as we walk."

Lake Louise2
We are enjoying the scenery in spite of the persistent rain. Yesterday's forecast called for sun in our area today, but this morning it had changed to a full day of driving rain. Fortunately we will be heading north once we get moving this morning, and the forecast up there is calling for sunny and mild today.
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