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Golden Showers

I suppose on the plus side, it is not snowing. We arrived in Golden with the tentative plan to spend a few days outdoors, taking in the sights and national parks in the area. Not that we were particularly motivated to do a lot after travelling yesterday, the weather precluded that anyway with cool grey skies and driving rain.

Today the are calling for cool grey skies and driving rain, intermixed with showers. Wait, we are in Golden, and they are calling for showers. Is it possible to feed my puerile brain a straighter line than that?

They are calling for better weather tomorrow and the next day with temperatures up in the comfortable range, and even some real sunshine mixed in.

The cabin we are staying in is ... ok. It has all of the basic amenities, including wireless internet after a fashion. The biggest downside to it is that the loft where atara and I are sleeping has no door, giving us very little privacy. There are three beds up there, so her uncle was going to sleep in one of them, but I noticed this morning that he had moved downstairs to sleep on the sofa. This morning I confirmed that it was my snoring that drove him there. I can snore up a good storm when I get wound up.

There is a wonderful dearth of mosquitoes around this area so far, though there seems to be some other tiny insects that have filled their biting niche. I have been chewed on three times while sitting out on the front deck, but the bites seem to be mostly innocuous so far, leaving no lasting welt behind.

Wait, there is a strange, glowing orb in the sky trying to break through the clouds. I must go and investigate this further.
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