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Bustle and Rush

As usual, I have left a lot of our vacation preparations until the last moment. My excuse is that I work better under pressure. Does that make sense to you? I hope so, because that's my excuse whether it is justified or not.

A couple of things that I can scratch off my list today are:

1) Get the lug nuts on the Volkswagen re-torqued. I called the nearest tire shop (not the place where we got them changed, but the one on the chain that is closer to our house) and the owner cheerily told me to bring it in whenever I liked. It took the mechanic who they sent out all of five minutes to torque them, but he grumped about it with every click of the torque wrench. I admit that the lug caps on the car made it an added pain, and that lugs seldom fall off, but it was his own company that had instructed me to come back for the service.

I ignored the advice when I had the snow tires put on my old Probe a few years back, and when we drove down to Ohio I discovered that a few of the lug nuts were just a couple turns away from falling right off by the time we got there (stupid alloy rims). So I understand you may think this is a pointless ritual, re-torqueing dude, but my first hand experience has taught me otherwise.

2) Clear the bathtub drain. This was made more complicated by the fact that atara hid the plumbing kit we bought a couple of weeks back, so I had to resort to using a plunger. The plumbing in this house is old, and the bathtub drain invariably slows to a crawl ever few months, so plunging it has become a routine bit of drudgery. As I was taking a mid-morning nap today (part of my day when I working the 5AM shift), I suddenly had an idea that might make it easier. Part of the problem with plunging the tub is that I don't have enough hands - at least, not when I try to use a plunger.

The problem is that when I plunge the drain, the water just comes blasting up through the overflow drain under the tap. My usual method of attack is to cover the overflow (usually with a wash cloth wrapped in a plastic bag) using one hand while I operate the plunger with the other two hands. That's the main reason why I dispensed with plunger and started buying those expensive compressed-air drain clearing kits.

The idea that came to me stemmed from the fact that the overflow drain has a little decorative metal cover over it, with a little projecting nob that has a hole where a plug on a chain would normally hang. I pondered on whether that could be removed, and if it could, then it occurred to me that I might be able to put a layer of plastic wrap over the opening and screw the cover back into place, effectively freeing up my third hand. It did, I could, and it worked. Our tub drains properly again. Well, still slow, but its usual slow rather than it's "standing in water while you shower" slow.

3) Clean the tub, sink and toilet. I am still working on that one. I cleaned the tub, but as I was turning my attention to the sink, Jaws kicked me out of the bathroom because she wanted to use her litterbox.
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