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Not dead yet

I have been a little quiet here the past week or so because I am getting slammed by work, and I tend to do most of my updates at the office.

I am on secondary coverage this week (which means I am not actively monitoring our critical report systems, but I have to field calls when the primary support person is off duty). I got a call at 3:30ish on Monday morning, advising me that they were having some problems with a data load. This has nothing to do with me, nor any of the systems that I support. At least, not directly, and not immediately enough that they could not have simply left it for the person who came on duty at 5. Then, just as I was finally getting back to sleep, they called me again about it just before 5.

It would just have been an annoyance if I had not been required to put in a full day because of mandatory project meetings, and then be on duty again at 8:30 that same evening to work past midnight while we moved some of our development servers from one virtual farm to another in the same town. Needless to say, I was not a happy person after being up for 21 hours due to work. My boss was livid as well, since the change in policy that dictated that they should call the secondary support person was put into place just after 9:30 on Sunday and communicated via email.

We have already lost three people in our group due to burnout from this kind of crap, and as much as they keep promising that it will improve as our systems stabilize and more things are automated, it has not noticeably improved.

He got them to at least put a temporary stop to the needless early morning wakeup calls. He told them to stop calling his people, and just communicate the issue via an email so that it could be handed by the person who was scheduled to come on duty in the wee hours anyway. This morning they had another slow data load, and they sent out a wonderfully passive-aggressive email to our support in-box, moaning and whimpering about how the issue was important enough that they really needed to call somebody, but thanks to our heartless boss they could only send an email to a mailbox where it would not be seen for a couple of hours. Poor babies.
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