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Grilling over Food

We had dinner at a local tapas restaurant called Deer & Almond last night. We do not eat this fancy that often, but we had not done anything upscale since our anniversary, and we have liked this place since they opened.

Among the dishes we ordered was the wild boar with potato and sun choke hash.
Wild Boar

We ended up going here after tossing about other ideas of where to dine out.

I had also tossed out the idea of wandering over to one of the nicer places downtown since we were both still dressed up in our work clothes, and atara suggested D&A as an option since we had not been there in months.

What we did not know at the time was that a travel site had just released a new list of Canada's top-50 restaurants, and that D&A was one of the two Winnipeg restaurants on that list. If we had not learned about it before we went in, we'd have discovered it pretty quickly after we got there because the owner/chef was up at the bar, drinking in celebration.

When I went up to pay, he began grilling me on what we'd ordered, and which of the dishes was my favourite. I did not recognize him at first, and he caught me flat-footed. I stammered a bit, and my brain went blank when I tried to think of what brussels sprouts are called. I finally told him that we both loved the boar, but the charred brussels had been my favourite, and the seared scallops had been atara's.

I think I probably left a bad impression on him as I struggled to name the dish I liked. "You know, those little things that look like cabbages, but are tiny, and we never have them at home..."

Ah well, the food was good, and the owner was drunk on good news (and more than a few of the beers from his own bar), so he may not even remember the encounter.
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