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Open the pod bay doors, HAL.

It is looking like the garage doors that were supposed to go in on Friday are finally going to get installed today.

We approached an installer at the Home Expressions show back in March, and they wrote up a quick quote for us while we were there. It was not the quote itself that was important at the time, but the discount they were offering for ordering them at the show. They also gave me a card, and asked me to call when we were ready to have them out to do measurements and give us a proper estimate.

All of that came and went, and I called them up to make a down payment, and to arrange for their installer to come out on Friday. He showed up right on time, took one look at the existing doors and lost his shit. Apparently the guy who came out to do the measurements and estimate missed a lot of important things - like light fixtures in the way, a frame that would need to be replaced, shelves that would block the style of door he had ordered, etc. The installer cursed and swore his way through taking pictures and further measurements before stomping away and promising to make a follow-up appointment to install the doors. He left me with one bit of homework before he left, asking me to move the light fixtures that were installed right where the door openers would need to be bolted.

I took care of those on Sunday, and when he arrived today, he expressed satisfaction over their new location. That has not stopped him from levelling all manner of abuse at the former owner of his house, and the strange workmanship that went into the installation of the previous doors. Still, when I checked on him an hour ago, the old doors were gone, and he was swearing his way through the process of removing the old frames and rails. I want to go out and check on him again, but I do not want it to feel like I am hovering over him while he works.

Besides, I have my own work to do. I am working from home today so that I could be here for the installation, and I have no shortage of work to keep me busy. With luck, we will have brand new, working doors by the time atara gets home from her office today. The new frames were not part of the original quote, but when he was here on Thursday he assured me that they would be added at the company's expense since it was their mistake in note including them in the original quote. That seems fair. The door they are putting in on the left side is a regular profile door instead of the more expensive low-profile door the estimator had ordered, so I imagine the two costs pretty much offset each other.
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