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Happy Manitoba Day

May 12th is the day when we celebrate that Manitoba is not a boring rectangle on the map like our neighbours to the west. Happy birthday province of mine; I will hoist an extra beer or two in your honour this evening. Might even grill some wieners if the weather breaks.

People have their own ways of measuring the arrival of spring. For some, it is the first leaves budding on the trees, the first shoots of spring flowers emerging from the ground, the melting of the rivers, or the return of the migratory songbirds.

For me, it is the fresh lines painted on our streets. After months of chaos and asshattery, it is nice to have a return to the relative normalcy of knowing when you are justified in flipping somebody off for drifting into your lane without signalling. They always bring a few little surprises with them too.

"Wait this street has four lanes?"
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