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Stuck in the middle with you

My middle mouse button is being grumpy again. I pencilled in "shop for a new 5-button mouse" on my agenda for today, but after pressing the button rather emphatically a few times, it has decided that it ain't quite dead yet. That's good, because it is my "Prayer of Mending" button, and having it out of service would make tonight's raid a bit awkward.

The mouse certainly doesn't owe me anything - it has outlasted two previous computer systems. I was going back through my older pictures for ones taken around my computer, and even back as far as 2006, and in every picture where my computer desk is featured, this mouse is there. It has long since lost all four of the pads on the bottom to help it slide over various surfaces, but it has endured. It is not that I am particularly attached to this mouse, but I must say that I admire its durability. I am traditionally hard on mice.


This is the only component left from a system I built back in 2005.

The glass stem on the right is the bottom of a vodka Martini. I usually prefer them with gin (or Hendricks to be more specific), but when I was looking through the liquor cabinet, I noticed that I had what appeared to be about two ounces of vodka left in the bottle (my estimate proved to be eerily accurate). I debated tossing it back straight from the bottle, but better sense prevailed (and the fact that I am not an alcoholic) and I decide to mix it up into a cocktail.

Now I shall pause to hoist the glass and toast my mouse. Thanks for not breaking. Here's to many more clicks of service.
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