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I don't mind doing the early shift at work, but I still haven't mastered the art of going to bed correspondingly early. If I was a betting man, I would put my money on a short nap happening later this morning. One of the benefits of working from home is that I can do that, and tack the time onto the end of my day to make up for it. For as late as I went to bed, I woke before my alarm this morning to the sound of rain pounding against the window. It has been a while since we heard that sound in these parts.

Now that they have added the features that were missing in the preview, and I have learned my way around it, I am starting to like the new Flickr. I admit that I hated it when they first pushed out the preview of the changes, but the tweaks and fixes they have made to it since then make it seem like they have been listening to their users.

We drove up to Oak Hammock again this weekend, and while it had thawed out considerably since last weekend, it was still largely dominated by red-winged blackbirds and geese. We dressed a little more appropriately than we did last week, and it was a few degrees warmer, which made for a very pleasant walk in spite of the brisk wind.

While the geese and blackbirds dominated the denizens at the marsh, there were a few gulls and purple martins as well.

We don't do half-measures when we get potholes in our neighbourhood. It is hard to gauge the size of this one from this picture, but it is about 30cm deep at the lowest point, and still sinking. Fortunately the city came by yesterday and put up barricades around it to discourage people from trying to drive their cars through it. While it is arguably hard to miss at this point, with the rain this morning this would have become a deathtrap in the making. We have another one just outside of our alley that is doing its best to reach the same proportions of this one.

These are bigger than the normal potholes we see this time of year because they left our street in pretty sorry shape after the sewer work they did last fall. They wrapped up quickly and slapped half-assed asphalt patches on the road just ahead of the first snows last year.
We grow them big
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