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Updating some of my stale avatars

Since this is a paid account, and I also put up good money in order to have a crazy person number of avatars, I figured I may as well as well fill more of those empty slots.

Obviously I have added a few ponies because I find these little pastel girls quite delightful, but I have also gone through and replaced some of my older avatars with new ones. I was going through my list of user pictures and noticed that there were a few that I do not recall ever using, or perhaps used once when I first created them.

On another note, there has been this semi-regular "clank clank clank" sound lately that is very reminiscent of somebody slowly wheeling a metal cart with one flat wheel through the office. I have tried to place the source a couple of times, even standing up as soon as I heard it to spot the culprit, but in speaking to some of my office mates this morning, I have concluded that it is coming from our ventilation system.

I guess this is an improvement over the semi-regular, shrill squeaking sound that used to come from the heating ducts. It's not much of an improvement though, because it is rather loud.

The sound moves, sometimes coming closer, and sometimes moving away which is why I thought it was caused by a mail cart. The heating/cooling system in here is set up by independent zones, and I assume the air flow is controlled by a series of gates, so this is probably just the system regulating its air flow.

It just started doing this a couple of weeks ago though, which makes me wonder if it has been malfunctioning up until now, or if the noise is the result of a recent malfunction.
Tags: avatars, lj, ponies
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