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Hey! Wait! I've got a new complaint.

I already grumped about this a little on Twitter, but after my brutal day yesterday I am still brimming with too much complain to contain.

People in my office insist on using flavoured coffees in our Keurig machines, and it is tainting the next couple of unflavoured coffees that go through. It's bad enough that I have let myself get suckered into buying these overpriced little plastic buckets of mediocrity, but it is insult to injury when I fill my cup and find that what wan hint of good coffee managed to struggle its way through the system is nigh overwhelmed by the French Vanilla residue left by a previous user.

The evil part of me wants to track down some novelty ghost pepper blend to run through the machines. At best, it would result in an edict coming down from management prohibiting flavoured coffees in the machines.

Hm. I have refillable Keurig cups at home, and super hot peppers are easy to come by. The scheming intensifies ...

On another note, if you happen to be saddled with one of these machines in your office, this is actually a halfway decent blend IMO. I am not normally a big fan of the lighter roads, but this one borders on being good. If you can't make out the finer text on this shot, it is a product of Green Mountain.
Coffee ... almost
Tags: coffee, grumpy, headache, nirvana
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