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Green Curry

The last time I tried my hand at making a green Thai curry, the result was a disaster. Apparently there is a marked difference between coconut cream, and cream of coconut.

I am going to try it again tonight. I had a look at a few recipes on the net, and I have internalized the essence of what I think makes a proper curry. I am going to take a small gamble by substituting cream of mushroom soup for chicken stock, but what's the worst that could happen.

I suppose the worst is that someday I post here, leading off with, "The last two times I tried my hand at making a green Thai curry..."


Edit: The curry was a learning experience. It turned out good, but a little on the hot side. The paste came in a pouch that seemed fairly small until I emptied it into the rest of the curry. As soon as I started stirring it in, I realized I may have experienced a lapse in judgement. Here is what I added, and my thoughts for the next time I make the green variety.

Coconut Cream - definitely a go for next time. It was much richer than coconut milk, so I got away using half as much.
Mushroom Soup - worked well, just like it does with the red curries.

When I make the red ones, I usually use two cans of coconut milk and cream of mushroom soup, so that may also help explain why it was so spicy. Halving the liquid can do that.

Fish Sauce - I accidentally added too much. Not the end of the world, except...
Soy Sauce - several recipes called for it. I think I will skip it since, it did not seem to add much other than saltiness. Overall the curry was very salty at this stage, and I immediately regretted that I had not tried it before adding the soy sauce.

Lime - I added some lime juice to help offset the
Sugar - to help counteract the saltiness. I doubled up on the amount of sugar I usually add.

Finally I doubled up on the basil, which also helped reduce the saltiness. In retrospect, I should probably have added even more because it imparted a wonderful flavour on the dish. By the time the sweet peppers had cooked down a bit, the curry was delicious, but hot enough to strip paint.
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