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Hello winter my old friend.

The start of what they are promising to be only about five centimetres of snow began falling this morning. I think I probably speak for a number of Winnipeggers when I say that we are starting to get a little fatigued by winter, and the thought of more snow is met here with a minimum of enthusiasm.

We are still languishing in temperatures well below seasonal norms, and even though the longer range forecasts keep promising warmer weather, by the time the warmer days arrive, the numbers remain the same, but the + is swapped for a -. I snapped a picture of this sign outside my office because I think it sums up my feelings very succinctly.
The sign speaks for us all
I took this shot with my phone, did some cropping and balancing in Snapseed, then passed it over to the Flickr app where I applied the filter that you see here before uploading it. I swore to myself when I un-installed Instagram that I would not Instagramify every picture I took with my phone, but I confess that there is something slightly seductive about how easy it is to apply a faux-artsy look to my shots. Leastwise it covers up some of the imperfections. Perhaps all of the filters in Snapseed and Flickr should be renamed to "lipstick on a sow".

I installed Goat Simulator on Tuesday, and I spent an hour or so running around doing goaty things last night. The game is utterly ridiculous, and loads of fun. I can't see it having a lot of long term playability unless they start releasing expansion packs, but I think it was worth the ten bucks.
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