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Lucky Thirteen

In theory, I am supposed to be working. Well, in my mind writing posts to LJ is kind of like work.

I meant to mention in my previous post that time does not appear to be progressing in a linear fashion, or at least not as it applies to my marriage. To the surprise of both of us, atara and I celebrated thirteen full years of wedded bliss yesterday. She asked me how it was working out for me, but seemed a bit put off by my answer, of "So far, so good..."

It has occurred to me that I may not be much of a romantic.

Smell The Glove

This picture was posted over the urinal in the restaurant where we had dinner last night. I usually avoid using the flash on my phone, but the lighting in the restaurant washroom was so dingy, I could not get a clear shot of the picture without it. At first I was annoyed by the flare from the flash, but once I was done processing the shot in Snapseed, I decided that I like the effect.

The reason why this picture caught my eye was its location over the urinal, and the curious grip employed by the female hand gripping a disturbingly phallic glass. My first thought was, "That's not suggestive at all..."

Speaking of things that have eluded me over the years, as I was out for a walk earlier this week, it suddenly struck me that the tile of Led Zeppelin's album In Through The Out Door might just be an allusion to butt sex.
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