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After yesterday's disastrous day of support, what were the odds that today would be worse? Apparently, about the same as the odds of one of our blade servers going up in a puff of blue smoke. I was at my desk by 4:48 this morning and had a phone pressed to my head for the next two hours before I could peel myself away for my first coffee.

Even though my day is technically over, I had a debriefing this afternoon with many of the top IT brass to figure out root cause and discuss the next steps for future outages. Tangentially, but casually related to the next part of the story is the fact that I was calling in from home, sitting at my personal computer with Reddit open in one of the tabs. I have replaced my mail notification in Reddit with Luna, from My Little Pony, and she shouts gleefully when I get a message notification. I have my headphone unplugged at the moment, and the volume is not set very low because I was listening to music just prior to the call.

It was with this in mind that the following took place.

Meeting chair: "OK, so given the improved reliability of the service, and the tighter SLA, our first action item will be to reduce the threshold for making an external call in an outage from 45 minutes to ten minutes. Does everyone agree?"

Luna: "HUZZAH!"

Meeting chair: (dryly) "Just so. The next action item..."

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