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To quote from the classic movie Clerks: "I'm not even supposed to be here today."

When one of the specialists handling primary BO support got pulled onto an all-consuming project, I volunteered to step in and cover for him, even though I just came off doing this rather stressful coverage last week. For the most part things ran very smoothly last week, so I was fairly confident that other than losing a bit of sleep, at worst I would be buying a bit of favour with my superiors.

Naturally everything blew up spectacularly this morning. Springs were springing, and blue smoke was escaping from servers and systems were crashing all around me. I ran around flapping my arms in a panic for a while before one of the managers in the head office came online and I pounced on her for advice. She suggested opening an incident with our main support desk, so that's what I did.

I got them on the phone, and based on my rambling, incoherent attempt at a description of what was going on, they gleaned that there was apparently a problem. The guy said, "OK, this sounds like an issue in BO, so I know who we need to call."

I blinked.

I poised my hand over my emergency contact phone, and it started ringing a few seconds later. It was, to nobody's surprise, the same guy who I was talking to on the other line. "Hi, we have a user on the line who has a problem that is BO related, and you are listed as the primary support..."

Tags: stress, work
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