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Walking on the moon

As I rather snottily said on Twitter this morning, if NASA ever finds itself in need of a lunar simulator to test the durability of vehicles, I nominate our city streets for the job.

It was a (comparatively) balmy -11 on Sunday, so I decided to take advantage of the break in the weather to grab my camera and stroll up to the park in search of wildlife. The park was almost devoid of people, but the squirrels and birds were out in abundance. My snide comment about balmy weather aside, it really was quite pleasant out in the sun, and I spent about ten minutes taking pictures near the witch's hut before my hands started to get uncomfortably cold.

I don't know if these two were out for blood or sex, but the one chased the other in circles around the area before they finally noticed me standing there and dove for cover in separate snow burrows.

The birds were more elusive than the squirrels (dare I say flightier), but I managed to snag a decent shot of this one copping a quick snack. I really like snow as a backdrop for nature photos, but it is not a friendly setting for many digital cameras. I probably could have got better shots if I had switched to full manual rather than aperture priority. As it was, my camera calved all over the high contrast, and it took a lot of digital editing afterwards to bring out some of the details in the darker areas.
Bird's The Word

I took this shot so that friends in warmer climates could point and laugh about how much further along their spring is than ours. It is also a nice, placid scene so I guess that played into my decision as well. This pleasant little park is one of the reasons why I like living in the neighbourhood where I reside. I am looking forward to warmer weather so that I will have an excuse to come up here more often.
Winter Road

I ordered this ridiculous drink when atara and I went out for dinner at a fancy burger joint on Saturday. As Caesars go, it was not the worst I have ever had (that distinction falls on the "extra spicy" one I had on our cruise last summer. The bartender did not know how to make a Caesar, so he just added powdered Bloody Mary mix to a vodka and clamato concoction. When I asked for extra spicy, rather than adding extra Tabasco, he just doubled the powdered mix. It was like drinking liquid salt.) Anyway, this was easily the hottest Caesar I have ever been served in a restaurant. It was not too spicy for me, but I can see why others would have complained about it in restaurant reviews on Urban Spoon. In my opinion, if they had halved the Tabasco and doubled the Worcestershire, this would have been a better drink.

I did not catch the size of the drink on the menu, but it was at least 20 ounces. Obviously one of the skewers in the drink had a bison slider. The other had (from outside in), celery, pickled asparagus, olive, pepperoni, shrimp and a block of local cheddar. The skewers were the best part of the drink. Other than my caveats above, the rest of was OK as well. Not memorable, but not gross.
Hail Caesar
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