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Melange au Dinner

atara wasn't hungry this evening, so she fixed herself a light salad and left me to my own devices for dinner. I had two goals in mind; make the pasta that she had been promising earlier this week, and use up some ingredients.

Her plan had been to make a spinach and feta spaghetti dish, but I decided to dig into some of our supplies of novelty pastas that we've had for some time. I settled on the last of the black fettuccine and ghost pepper penne as my two base ingredients. I cooked it to al dente, then splashed in a bit of extra virgin olive oil, added a teaspoon of minced garlic, wilted in the last of our spinach, and finished it with the last of our feta cheese.

I went over my calorie allowance for the day, especially when I washed it down with a white beer, but I have been badly under-reporting my exercise, so this shouldn't put me back too badly in my weight loss program.
Tags: 2013yip, food
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