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The new Flickr kinda sucks

I am a little unimpressed with the new, upcoming release of Flickr. They promise that they are still working on the features for it, but so far they seem to have stripped out many of the things that I liked about the site. For one thing, in the new layout it is virtually impossible a picture on any service but Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, or any of the other ones that are currently trendy. It feels like they are trying to replicate the crappy, stripped-down tablet experience for all of the desktop users.

In order to share a picture here I had to opt out of the new site and revert to the old layout. If the new set-up becomes mandatory, and does not offer more flexibility outside of the little walled garden they seem to be moving toward, then I may actually consider dropping the service entirely. It's sad to think that I have stuck with them through their lean times, only to be potentially driven out by their own attempts to make themselves modern and relevant again.

I bought a new toy last week, and made good use of it over the weekend. It works like a charm and cleans up easily - worth the $22 in my humble opinion.

Hitherto, I have (very rarely) used the maker that I inherited from Mum when I moved out on my own:
BOOM goes the espresso
It made shitty espresso, and it always made me a little nervous because you had to wait for to boil, then close the steam valve, wait for what you hoped was adequate pressure to build up before opening the espresso spigot.

I always opened it too soon, and the espresso would not flow, or too late, where it would come out in spurts and spatters, going everywhere.

I will probably donate the old one to Value Village, so some kid can turn it into a bomb or something.

On a work-related front, I have a complaint about the way various scheduling services work. I want to change the times at which a report runs on one of our servers, and my options are rather limited. I can choose all of the obvious things like, Every X Hours, Daily at X o'clock, Every weekday, Every weekend, Mon/Wed/Fri, First of the month, etc.

While that handles about 90% of our needs, the other 10% are annoying to deal with. For instance, I have a customer who wants a status report sent to them at 7:00 and again at 14:00. The only way that I can accommodate this request is to push the report up to the schedule server twice under different names, and then set it up for "once daily at 0700" and "once daily at 1400". Today I received a request to set up a report to publish on intervals of 9, 6 and 7 hours to correspond with the work flow fluxes, rather than simply spitting out at regular times that don't do them as much good.

I pushed back and told them that they would get the reports on a regular, eight-hour basis and like it because our scheduling agent is a piece of steaming poop, but it would be nice if I could actually schedule it in a more useful manner for them without having to jump through unnecessary complications.
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