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Meine lederhosen!

One of the unanticipated consequences of losing weight is that clothing that I bought recently does not fit as well as it did a few weeks ago.

The older, unfashionable things that I have not worn in years are suddenly becoming viable clothing again, but the things I bought earlier this year are starting to get a bit loose.

I have not lost a significant amount of weight; when I started this diet I tipped the scale at a whalerific 297 pounds, and this morning I was only down to 280, but it is enough to make a marked difference in the fit of my pants.

I went for a brisk walk around the park this afternoon to burn myself a few extra calories for dinner, and halfway into the walk the waist of my pants began trying to migrate its way down to my ankles.

I would have tightened the belt another notch, but my new belt is cinched as tight as it will go. I struggled along for a while going "step step tug step step tug", pulling the pants back up every few paces, but not only was that uncomfortable, I was getting strange looks from some of the others at the park.

I finally pulled the pants up past my navel and stuck out my (still impressive) gut to hold them in place. It was uncomfortable, but it worked for the 2ish miles back to the house.

I don't want to replace the good belts that I only bought three months ago, so I guess it is time to make friends with somebody who owns a leather punch. That, or start wearing suspenders.
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