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What do you mean I have to drink this tea hot?

In a story eerily similar to the one of Stella and the McDonald's coffee, a woman in Winnipeg was badly burned when a cup take-out tea spilled on her in an accident.

The story varies on a few fronts. First, she was not holding the tea in her lap; it spilled on her when the car she was in was involved in a collision. Secondly, she did not sue Tim Hortons over the spill, but is instead pursuing regulatory changes that would force them to serve cooler beverages. Thirdly, unlike the McDonald's case the tea was not being served at an unusually elevated temperature, it was being served at the normal temperature for tea.

While I sympathise with the extent of her injuries, she comes across in this article as a person who has no concept of personal responsibility. As most of us have learned from previous incidents, taking a scalding beverage in a car carries inherent risks. Obviously the best solution is to not take scalding beverages in the car. If that doesn't work, then the next best thing is to spend $1.99 on a travel mug which is less prone to spilling than one of those shitty cups from Tim's.

Of course, if one learned nothing from the experience then they would campaign for tepid tea, to ensure that they would not get burnt as badly when it happens again.

I would be a lot more sympathetic with her if she was pushing for regulations on safer drive-through cups. Tim Hortons has especially bad take-out cups, which are too tall to be stable (thanks to needlessly upping their beverage sizes a couple of years ago), and lids that leak at the best of times, and are prone to coming off very easily. I would happily pay an additional $.10 per cup if they adopted the ones that McDonad's uses up here.

In fact if this lady was a coffee drinker, my advice to her would be to go to McDonald's for her coffee, since they brew a much better product, and their cups are an order of magnitude better than Tim's. Unfortunately she's a tea drinker, and Tim's actually makes a pretty good steeped tea - in large part because they steep it at the right temperature.

My advice to this lady: get a spill-proof mug and let the grown-ups enjoy their hot beverages.
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